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Apr 27, 2022
In Interceptor Software Use
I have a DNS server on my network that I run everything through. It is a PiHole running in a Docker container for anyone interested. The Interceptor should have picked up this DNS server when it got its DHCP, but it seemed to have not. So I used resolvectl to manually set it, and it still isn't working. Except it is when I use resolvectl to resolve it. admin@interceptor:~$ resolvectl query mos-eisley mos-eisley: -- link: wan (mos-eisley.localdomain) -- Information acquired via protocol DNS in 28.9ms. -- Data is authenticated: no admin@interceptor:~$ admin@interceptor:~$ ping mos-eisely ping: mos-eisely: Name or service not known is the correct address for my mos-eisley server, but I can't ping it and nslookup won't find it either unless I manually give it the correct server. Anyone know what's gone wrong? I'd prefer the DNS get picked up from DHCP, but my home network is rather static so if I have to manually set it that would work too.
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