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Sandro Felipe
Jun 07, 2022
In Interceptor Carrier Board
Hi all! First, amazing board! I am facing Wi-Fi issues with a CM4 Lite 4GB Ram Wi-Fi. I managed to install your image and OMV, but it seems that after a few minutes, the board gets a new IP, even though I set up my router to give it a fix IP. Nevertheless, everytime I turn it off, wi-fi completely stops working. It seems also that with every reboot I need to log in on the the Desktop and under the Settings, "activate" wi-fi again, by choosing it and setting it to automatic. I ofcourse do have an Antena (official one!), I seted up Wi-Fi according to "Wifisupplicant" mode as fromt he FAQ here in the forum. At this moment, I do not want to use a wired network, this will probably be on the future. Any help here? If someone can also help me with the linux patch file, would be great too! (I experienced with standard RaspiOS image and patch command, but get an error in line 4 - Maybe I will open a new post for that!) Thank you all in advance!

Sandro Felipe

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