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Aug 11, 2022
In Interceptor Software Use
Dear AXZEZ Team, Thanks for your efforts on the Interceptor board, I was looking for something like this for quite some time and finally got it last week, had to ship it to a friend in USA and then ship it India. I have tried the Interceptor with AXZEZ OS image using CM4 4G+32GB eMMC and 2G+8GB eMMC, I was able to configure WAN Port on 4GB CM4 and it works well, for some reason on the 2GB CM4 I am able to configure the WAN port but unable to access internet. I have the following queries, would be glad if you can answer them at the earliest, I have gone through all the posts on your forum and couldn't find the answers. I want to use all the 4 Rj45 ports as WAN ports and connect them to my switch, so i can bond the 4 ports and get 4GBPS link speed. Primarily want to use the Interceptor as NAS storage rather than a router board. Can we use the KERNEL PATCH in your downloads patch on top of Linux Kernel v5.15 or any latest kernel version or is it only applicable for kernel v5.10.y ? Is the SWCONFIG.deb file which was mentioned in post, is it a must for patching, if I want to use any other OS (Ubuntu or Raspbian Bullseye(not AXZEZ version) for interceptor? I want to build a compact NAS device which is smaller than Mini ITX\ATX, for which i want to use the IOCrest - 4Bay enclosure and build an additional case around it for the interceptor, however the ITX\ATX power supply units are much bigger & heavier than the IOCrest enclosure. My PSU is delivering 3.59v constant, every where I see standard consistent v3.3 was recommended, I hope my PSU doesn't cause any issues to the board in future. As of now I do not see any issues as all the drives are functioning properly. Apologies for such a long post.


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