Interceptor Carrier Board


A Raspberry Pi CM4 Carrier Board for NAS, NVR, IoT, and Managed Switch applications.


With a variety of ports available, you'll find many great uses for the Interceptor Carrier Board.

  • J8 - four port RJ-45 switch

  • J4 and J5 - two full-size HDMI ports

  • J6 - two port USB 2.0 connector

  • J3 - single port RS-485 connector

  • J7 - 9-pin header for two additional USB 2.0 connections

  • J1 - ATX power connector

  • M1 thru M4 - 12v 3-pin fan connectors

  • J11 thru J15 - SATA drive connections

  • J2  - 8-pin header for system power LED, power button and UART serial cable

  • J9 and J10 - FFC (40 pos) connections for up to two Interceptor PoE Boards

  • BT1 - Battery backup for the Real Time Clock.  3V CR2032

  • OS image with drivers provided by Axzez


Interceptor Carrier Board Product Brief


Interceptor PoE Board


Add 8 or 16 PoE+ ports to your Interceptor Carrier Board.


Connect up to 8 PoE+ devices to each Interceptor PoE Board.

  • J6 - eight port RJ-45 switch

  • U13 and U14 - ethernet magnetics

  • J2 - FFC (40 pos) connection

  • J1 - PoE power input

  • OS image with drivers provided by Axzez


Interceptor PoE Board Product Brief


Warranty and Support
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