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Media & Press Updates

We want to keep customers and followers well informed with the latest Axzez LLC news. Read our updates below to find out what we’ve been up to recently, and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

September 15, 2023

Open Media Vault and OpenWrt Support!

We have some exciting news! Our latest software release for our Interceptor Carrier Board includes OS images for Open Media Vault (OMV) and OpenWrt, as well as new desktop images, all supporting both Raspberry Pi CM4 and Banana Pi CM4.

We're really excited about releasing our Open Media Vault image.  We've had many customers who have been asking questions about OMV installation for a while now, so we hope this makes life a lot easier for everyone.

If you have any questions or requests for us, please drop us an email or head over to the Axzez Forums and start a discussion. We would love to hear from you.

January 26, 2023

Interceptor OS Updated

We released an updated OS image today that includes the latest firmware and kernel being used by Raspberry Pi. It also includes a fix for our driver that was reporting half-duplex for PoE ports even when they are full-duplex. (see The new kernel is based on 5.15.84 and the firmware is the latest released RaspberryPi firmware 1.20230106 (only updated if boot order is not what we expect). Downloads here:

September 21, 2022

Delivery Confirmed

We just received confirmation that the Interceptor 1U cases will be delivered midday tomorrow!  As shared previously, we will quickly and carefully evaluate the cases for quality, and then begin shipping them out to customers immediately.  We will work until all cases are sent out!  We appreciate your patience as we've figured this delivery delay out.

July 7, 2022

Demos and Acquiring CM4 Boards

Are you interested in our Interceptor Systems but worried you can't find Raspberry Pi CM4 boards? If you are considering buying in larger numbers, we have your CM4 needs covered! We also have some sample CM4 boards available if you wish to purchase a system for evaluation. Just reach out to us at and let us know what you are looking for. We can even a demo!

June 27, 2022

New Payment Methods Accepted

We now accept ACH and Wire transfers, as well as and payments.  Please contact for assistance with these payment methods.

April 25, 2022

Introducing Interceptor PoE Board

Axzez LLC is proud to introduce our next exciting hardware product, the Interceptor PoE Board.  The Interceptor PoE Board is an expansion for our original CM4-based Interceptor Carrier Board, adding an 8 port PoE+ switch. Each Interceptor Carrier Board can support up to two of our new Interceptor PoE Boards.

Some of the features of the new Interceptor PoE Board include:

  • Eight fast PoE+ ethernet ports

  • IEEE 802.3AF-2003 and 802.3AT-2009 compliance

  • Each port has activity/link and status LEDs

  • Input voltage range of 44-57V

  • Optional 48V power boost that can support up to two Interceptor PoE+ boards (Power from ATX 12V)

  • Thermal, current, voltage, short circuit monitoring and protection

  • Linux drivers for VLAN configuration and PoE monitoring and control

Our Axzez provided Debian 11 “bullseye” operating system includes the drivers needed for the new PoE board, and can be downloaded for free here. With our installer image, you will be up and running in minutes.  No drivers to install or configuration to figure out.  Just install and go!  With Axzez, setup is EZ!

For more information on the Axzez Interceptor PoE Board or the Interceptor Carrier Board, please see the product page, the Interceptor PoE Board Brief, or the Interceptor Carrier Board Brief.

Please reach out to us at if you have questions, or visit our support forum to have a conversation.

August 10, 2023

Interceptor OS Updated / Banana Pi Support

We are excited to announce a major OS update for the Axzez Interceptor Carrier Board, which can be downloaded here.  The new Interceptor OS is now based on recently released Linux 6.4 and Debian 12 (bookworm).  Here are some changes in this image from Axzez.

  • We now use the mainline rtl8365mb driver for the realtek rtl8367rb switch instead of the hacked openwrt driver the previous images used

  • As a result, we now use mainline Linux DSA architecture for configuring the switches (openwrt's "swconfig" is no longer used)

  • The most visible benefit of this is that the virtual network interfaces (eg "poe0-0") now reflect the actual ethernet link status

  • The boot menu is now a true boot menu and is executed by u-boot before Linux boots.

  • The biggest benefit of this is that the kernel image and modules can now reside in the same place and be upgraded together.

We are also very excited to announce that we now provide an image for the Banana Pi CM4 board (aka BPi CM4).  The BPi CM4 provides a nice speedup over the Raspberry Pi CM4,  but there are a few drawbacks when using a BPi CM4:

  • Only HDMI 0 works because the BPi CM4 only supports 1 HDMI connection.

  • Our power-on button does not work.  BPi simply did not wire this pin up.  We are not sure why.

  • The BPi CM4 cannot boot from USB.

Since the Banana Pi CM4 can only boot from eMMC or SD card, and the Interceptor Carrier Board v1.5 does not have an SD card slot, the eMMC has to be imaged beforehand.  This can be done with the Raspberry Pi CM4 IO Board or the Banana Pi CM4 IO Board.  You can either boot our image above from SD card and install to eMMC or you can use the aml-flash-tool below to install over USB.

If you have any questions, please head over to the discussion Forum and post there.  We are happy to help.

We are actively working on several new projects and hope to keep bringing amazing solutions to our valued customers.  We are so thankful to all of you for your continued support.

Thank you, The Axzez Team.

October 5, 2022

PoE Boards and 1U Cases in stock!

Our Interceptor Cases have arrived, and our Interceptor PoE Boards are back in stock.  We know several of you have been waiting for these and we appreciate your patience.  We have one new product on the horizon and we'll share more news about this when we've approved the prototype!

September 8, 2022

Interceptor 1U Case Status

The new Interceptor 1U cases have been off-loaded in California and should be heading our way very soon.  We are hoping they will arrive early next week (~ Sep. 12-13).  Thank you to everyone for your patience!

July 6, 2022

Interceptor 1U Case Pre-Order

We are excited to announce that our new custom Interceptor 1U Case is now available for pre-order, with an arrival expected in early September 2022.  A limited production run started today!

We are also happy to share that Axzez has validated three high-quality Flex PSUs, specifically customized for the new case and our Interceptor Carrier and PoE Boards.  These PSUs provide exactly what you need: 5 x SATA, 1 x 24-pin ATX, and 12Vdc for a PoE VOITA Power Converter.

Next, we have a new VOITA Power Converter that works with all of our new PSUs, having less power input requirements than the previous WMX power converter.  This VOITA Power Converter will eventually replace the WMX Power Converter, which we are phasing out.

Axzez will assemble, at no cost to you, your Interceptor 1U Case along with any parts you purchase in your order(s), including our circuit boards.  We will do this before shipping, so you will only need to install HDDs/SSDs (data cables not included) and boot it up!  We can still ship all parts unassembled if you want to set it up yourself (we understand the fun in that).  Reach out to us at with your order number(s) and let us know that you want us to put it together.

Finally, we have eliminated shipping costs for all U.S. domestic shipping and reduced costs for international shipping.  This is something we have been working on over the past couple of weeks and we think we are getting close to stabilizing.  If something does not look right with shipping, please let us know.

We are so thankful to all of our wonderful customers out there.  The excited emails we received always brighten our day and we appreciate all of you.  See you in the forums!

April 27, 2022

Interceptor Carrier Boards in Stock!

We have a smaller production run of 80 Interceptor Carrier Boards in stock.  We have already started a larger production run and expect those to be here in late May.  Unfortunately, we have quite a few people waiting for stock and once we put these 80 boards up in the store they will be gone quickly.  Customers will need to put in a new "back in stock" request to be notified when boards are back in stock in late May.  We thank you for your patience.  We are building the boards as quickly as possible and doing our best to keep up with demand.

April 16, 2022

Interceptor OS Update

We have just released an update to our provided Interceptor OS on the Axzez Software Downloads Page.  This update includes:

  • Enhancement - if you change the board backup battery and see that the RTC is no longer keeping your system time/timezone after powering off, you can now apply our RTC RV3028 update (to work around a kernel bug) from desktop system-settings.

  • Fix - we fixed some errors in ntp.conf.

The new version of the OS Installer is

The new version of the kernel patch is

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