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A VOITA 48Vdc Power Converter is a necessary add-on for the Interceptor PoE Board to provide power to connected PoE devices.  It uses a PSU's +12V 4+4pin connector (requires removal of the PSU's 4+4pin connector or an adapter provided by Axzez as of 10/03/2022) to convert 12Vdc to 48Vdc.


Each Power Converter Module can supply power for:


Power is supplied to second Interceptor PoE Board via FFC cable.


Important Note:

  1. The 4+4pin CPU power connector from your PSU will need to be removed so that the 4+4pin wires can be exposed and used to power the 48Vdc Power Convertor.  We provide two wire connectors that should be used to connect the exposed CPU 4+4pin power and ground wires, coming from the PSU, to the 48Vdc Power Converter.
  2. This VOITA power converter has been verified to work with PSUs validated by Axzez for the Interceptor Carrier Board (except pico, which were not tested) as well as all Flex PSUs sold by Axzez LLC.



Input: 12Vdc (9~30Vdc range )

Output: 48Vdc, 5A max, 240W

Dimension : 74*74*32mm 260g